FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION

Do you have a physical store for us to visit to view the products?

Yes, despite our low prices. We have a physical store for you to view the items before making your purchases. Located at 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #01-06 Wave 9 S(757048)

Direct Factory Pricing, how true is it?

At KLITE, we strive to provide the best price with the best quality products being offered. Making at least 2 to 3 trips yearly to source out for new lightings & products to bring in. Often shipping in larger quantities to reduce our shipping cost as well. 

Why are some of the lights still cheaper at other stores?

Well, it boils down to the LED chips used & materials used to create the final product. Through naked eyes, all end products looks the same. However, durability is the key word for LED lightings product.

How long do we have to wait for delivery?

As we have a showroom, we have all ready stocks available for you to cash & carry in store. All purchases made online can be shipped within the next 2 working days. NO LEAD TIME NEEDED! 

Do you have warranty for your lightings?

Its a DEFINITE YES from us. As much as we QC our products, there are bound to have faulty products as these are electronic items. We provide a ONE YEAR warranty on all our products. One to one exchange policy with no question asked! 

How do we make an exchange for faulty products?

So long the light is not working well as how it is suppose to be, we will offer an exchange. However, due to the increasing labour cost in Singapore, lights have to be bring back to our showroom for all rectification. 

IF you require us for on site warranty- we do provide such service at additional charges. 

Why do other stores only provide a 3 months warranty?

Lightings is a new product knowledge which you will gain when you purchase your new home. LED products have a lifespan on 3 to 5 years. However, if the lighting products is not up to quality standard they will only show signs on the 3rd to 5th month mark. Thus, 90 days warranty is as good as buying from the China website with no warranty given. 

What kind of payment method do you accept in store?

To keep our prices low & to avoid bank terminal and transaction charges, we only accept cash or nets in our showroom.

Do you provide installation if we were to purchase lights from you ?

Check out our home packages with FREE installation. Ala carte purchases that require installation will be quote separately.